currently, i am an astrophysics grad student at the cuny graduate center doing research in gravitational wave astronomy with Floor Broekgaarden at the the center for computational astrophysics at the flatiron institute. i also help develop pipelines for social and environmental impact data at yourstake, a climate driven startup where i grew as a software developer.

i am a graduate of barnard college where i majored in physics and english. during my time in undergrad, i had the privilege of exploring the language politics of Ngugi wa Thiong'o's creative works in a senior thesis project and conducting astrophysics research with the columbia experimental gravity group. during undergrad, i served multiple years as a writing tutor at my college's writing center and staffed the physics helproom biweekly. post grad, i've worked on machine learning projects at ursa space systems and was a post baccalaureate fellow in the digital humanities at the barnard college library. my experiences have been diverse. thus, i aspire to imbue an interdiscplinary spirit in my graduate studies. i am particularly interested in using science and technology to propel social good.

i exist outside "professional" spaces. the words i've written above are crude brush strokes that outline what i do. this is what i'll impart online for now :)